The Devils Mountain Cult

From my trip to "Devils Mountain" in 2009
This is backside entrance "3A"
Notice the flooding from nearby Blue River

Welcome to our exclusive site dealing with the ritualistic killings that happened inside of the old abandoned limestone quarry near Milltown Indiana (near the intersection of state road 66 and state road 64).

Devils Mountain Cult Cave Milltown Indiana
Police photo - "Devils Mountain"
circa 1969
just after the first killings

The site was later to be dubbed: "Devils Mountain" by the locals and has been one of the most taboo subjects for indiana residents for a VERY long time.The media blackout that has occured concerning the killings is unprecedented, which is believed to have drastically affected the tourism to the local "Blue River Canoe Rental".

Police photo - View
from Indiana State Rd 64
circa 1989 after 3rd killing

The myths and legends concerning Devils Mountain Cult have been the source of horror writers novels as well as documentaries on "Devil Worship" in the USA and in the United Kingdom and as far away as Australia.

The first killings that happened at Devils Mountain on Halloween Night 1969 were most likely some of the most gruesome ever in the annals of American history. We cannot publish the names of those killed nor the manner in which they died due to privacy concerns and for the protection of the families still living locally in the area to this day.We do know that there were 9 victims in all the night of the first killings.

The Devils Mountain Cult is beleived to be an off-shoot of the "Church of Satan" founded by Anton Levey in California and was thought to become prevalent in the Milltown Indiana area after the release of the movie "Rosemary's Baby" in 1968. THe movie is based upon the birth of the "Anti-Christ" and is thought to have renewed interest in Satan and the Occult Worldwide.

The sightings inside the Devils Mountain Quarry cave system are numerous and the place is known to be Haunted since around the time of the first killings.People have been said to have felt the presence of extreme Evil. People have seen Demonic apparitions appear in the mist and fog that sometimes sits at the mouths of the cave quarry openings. In the killing room and some of the rooms deep in the cave system other demonic spirits have been reported to have been seen as well as felt in terms of demonic presence.

The Devils Mountain site has been condemned ever since the first killings and there are No Trespassing signs posted at various locations. The only time that I went with my team of Ghosthunters we were forced to leave when we experienced multiple equipmment malfunctions and a general sense of just flat out eeriness and impending doom that I could not explain. We had travelled from Upstate New York to make a documentary about Devils Mountain but were forced to leave after a series of setbacks that i cannot write about on this website.

The 2nd and 3rd killings that happened inside the quarry cave system are now under a total media blackout. What we do know about the 2nd incident which happened on October 23rd 1979 almost 10 years to the day after the first killings is that 3 children and 2 adults believed to have been a young married couple with their kids had ran out of gas on route 64 very near to Devils Mountain. THe killings involved complete dismemberment of the bodies and over 1,378 stab wounds to the head ,neck and torso areas of all the victims.

In addition to the Human killings Local Police have dragged the remains of over 26 goats and numerous cats and dogs out of the Devils Mountain Cave Quarry system that are believed to have been involved in Satanic Rituals. This information was discovered at GREAT risk to my Team of private detective researchers.

The Site inside the Devils Mountain Cave System where most of the Animal killings took place and all of the human sacrifices occured in is whats become known as the "Half Door SlaugterHouse/Room 666".It is located Deep inside the Cave Quarry System and must be Climbed into as it has partial concrete block walls that must be negotiated. THis is where we could get no equipment to work at all.

The last incident occured on October 27th 1989 ,again just about 10 years after the previuos killings. The only person killed was one lone woman believed to have been a drifter or possibly a hitchhiker. We cannot talk about the manner of death that was used on this victim as it was with a great amount of detective work from my research team ,that we were able to discover the information in a telephone interview with a surviving family member of the 1989 victim.

In summary, I won't return to "Devils Mountain" ever again personally as I have had recurring nightmares about the place and i just wish to forget some of things I saw.Of all the places i have visited this is the one i will NEVER go back to. There is just something very evil about the whole area to me.

The Current Status of the Devils Mountain Cult is completely unknown. The only thing we know for sure is no one was ever charged for these crimes and they all remain unsolved completely. The fact that no one has ever been punished for the horrors that happened inside the quarry system is what led me to make this site. We Publish this site in the HOPES that one day the killers and the Cult will be brought to justice.

Due to the nature that the Crimes REMAIN UNSOLVED and the Devils Mountain Cult is still believed to be in existence we would like to GREATLY DISCOURAGE any and all private outings or ghosthunter trips to the area of Devils Mountain. If you don't listen, we have done our part.


The site is still under Criminal Tresspassing Law Jurisdiction of Indiana which in the least will get you ticketed if you are caught in the Cave Quarry System themselves.